Tips to Meet Your Match

I want to offer the following suggestions which I feel may help you in finding your bashert:

Distinguish Yourself

When writing up your dating profile, try to include things which really distinguish yourself from others. You are unique and special. Convey your uniqueness on paper.

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Picture Matters

I know this isn’t how it should be but the reality is your Facebook and profile picture will open or close many doors for you. Please trust me on this as I see this all the time. Show off your best recent picture.

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Expand Your Network

Try out different shuls and try to meet many new people regardless if they are single or married, male or female. The more people thinking about you, the more likely you are to be set up or introduced to your bashert.

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Try Every Avenue

Singles events, dating apps, matchmakers, Facebook groups, etc. Unfortunately there has been no avenue which has been very successful for most so try everything to increase your odds as you never know which avenue will work for you.

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Take Risks

Expand your comfort zone. For example, if you see someone at a wedding or at shul that you may be interested in, go over and introduce yourself or ask a friend to assist with that. It’s not always easy to do but it may lead to you meeting your bashert. No risk, no reward.

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By David Katzoff

*David is one of A Single Impact’s dedicated shadchanim. Find out more about him HERE.

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