About Us


A Single Impact envisions a world where all frum singles are accepted as full members of the community, to be appreciated for their gifts and their value to community organizations. A Single Impact welcomes singles 21-75+. A Single Impact accepts all frum singles where they are in life; if they choose to search for a spouse, we are happy to assist them in their quest. If they opt not to look for a spouse, that decision will be respected. 

Guiding Pillars

  • Provide singles with networking opportunities that allow for potential friendships and romantic relationships.
  • Educate singles and the community about struggles faced by many; provide resources for additional growth.
  • Provide resources and initiatives to enhance life as a single person and fill in the gaps that are missing.

How We Started

In November, 2019, Bashert Baltimore was formed to run dating events for Orthodox singles. We facilitated two events, multiple dates, and a marriage. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we reevaluated the needs of the community. Who are the singles? What resources do they need? How can we help? In 2020 we started small and delivered 109 mishloach manos, and A Single Impact took off. 

What We Hear From Our Singles

Lack of Communal Support and Connectivity – Singles do not feel acknowledged or appreciated by community shuls and organizations, and are not invited to be part of the kahal. The Covid-19 pandemic only emphasized the disjunction between the community and its singles. 

Different Needs for Different Singles – Most shidduch organizations target singles in their early 20s, and many community initiatives and resources completely ignore anyone not in or looking for a traditional family structure. However, many singles in the Baltimore area are no longer living with their parents; they may be living alone or with a roommate; many have been married previously, and may be single parents. They may be widowed. Unlike those who live with their parents and have a built-in support network, there are many singles who do not have access to regular Shabbos meals or shul membership. 

How It’s Going

We currently have 384 members with 3 recent engagements. We have facilitated 21 events with 574 total attendees, arranged 53 yomim noraim seats for singles, manage 98 families who host Shabbos and Yom Tov meals, delivered 1428 Yom Tov packages, and more.

Current Resources and Initiatives

Rabbinic Support – Partner with local rabbis to provide support for our singles, as well as potential shul engagement; opportunities for chametz sale, hataras nedarim and lulav purchase

Community ResourcesShabbos meal coordination; yom tov meal coordination; pre-made seder plates, Singles megillah reading and break-fast

Local Initiatives – Small packages to local singles before chag; professional pictures and makeup discounts 

Networking Opportunities – Meet & Greet events; networking clubs, dating database

Non Profit

A Single Impact is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) and is classified as a public charity. Donors can deduct contributions made to A Single Impact under IRC Section 170. Federal Tax ID# 88-0628436.

Updated January 2, 2023