What is A Single Impact?

A Single Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created to provide resources, networking, and advocacy for frum singles, divorcees, and widow(er)s in Baltimore and beyond. We found that while many organizations involve shidduchim, very few acknowledge the day to day challenges that many singles face living in frum communities.

What is the goal of A Single Impact?

Our hope is that A Single Impact can provide a space for singles to be comfortable within the larger frum community. We offer diverse programming with something for everyone so that members can attend at their comfort level. Some of our members are looking to date; others are not.

What population does A Single Impact Cater to?

A Single Impact is for Jewish singles who meet selective criteria. We look for:
Halachikally Jewish*
Halachikally and Legally Single**
Orthodox Singles
All Age Ranges – love can be found at any age, our members span all ages.
All Locations – widest geographical expanse of marriage-minded singles.

Please note that while A Single Impact screens all applicants and remains proactive in identifying any actions untoward, we can only act if we have information about nefarious activities. Anyone found to be breaking A Single Impact Terms of Service will be immediately suspended and any identified fraudulent activity will be forwarded to law enforcement authorities.

Eligibility Criteria

A Single Impact is for Jewish singles who meet these selective criteria:

Authentically Jewish – You must be born Jewish from your mother’s side or have completed a universally-recognized conversion. A universally-recognized conversion is one which is accepted by all Jewish streams, including the reform, conservative, and orthodox movements. If you have converted, please forward your conversion documents to us.

Legally and Halachikally Single – If you are divorced, you must have a civil divorce and/or a Jewish divorce (Get) if they are required. Not all circumstances require both and in some cases, neither is required. Separated individuals are not permitted to join until their divorce is complete.

No criminal charges pending – We ask that if you have criminal charges pending that you do not attend our in-person events. If we find out about charges that you’ve not mentioned you will no longer be allowed to attend events.

For the safety of its members and staff, A Single Impact reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone they feel is not appropriate to attend in-person events. Rude or harassing behavior will not be tolerated from anyone.

In addition, you must be honest in representing your Jewish background, especially those who represent themselves as ‘Orthodox’. If you represent yourself as ‘Orthodox’, you must keep kosher and shabbat. If you do not keep kosher and shabbat, then please reach out to discuss privately.

Who runs A Single Impact?

Originally named Bashert Baltimore, A Single Impact was created in 2019 to create dating opportunities. Re-branded in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as A Single Impact, the organization focuses not only on dating opportunities, but resources and advocacy for frum singles.

The co-founders of A Single Impact are Shoshi Glazer and Rochel Ziman.

A Single Impact is run as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Can you join if you are separated but do not have a Get?

Unfortunately, you may NOT join in-person events without a Get. While we empathize with those enduring the atrocious process of divorce, our standard is that we only offer our in-person programs to those who are in possession of a Get.

Who is the Single Impact halachic advisor?

A Single Impact consults with Rabbi Daniel Rose of B’nai Jacob Shaarei Zion and Rabbi Yisroel Motzen of Ner Tamid Congregation in Baltimore, Maryland for halachic and hashkafic guidance.

Why attend a Single Impact event?

Our primary mission is to provide emotional and social support for our community. We are not singularly focused on making Shidduchim. While it would be a wonderful outcome for people to meet at our events and create a lifelong bond, this is not our primary mission. If this is your only reason for joining us, we encourage you to attend one of the many programs that are being offered for singles by other organizations.

Will I be able to meet a potential Shidduch at your events?

We have several board members who are Shadchanim and facilitators. Their primary role is to meet each and every participant, and get to know them personally. Throughout our events there will be opportunities for both formal and informal interaction. You can also request to meet privately with our staff to see if they have suggestions for you.

How do I ensure that I will not be seeing my former spouse at an event?

A Single Impact goes to great lengths to ensure the comfort of each and every one of our participants. We will conduct a conflict search on every application, so that only one party from a previous marriage will attend in-person events (This is subject to you providing us with the accurate details of your ex-spouse). Practically speaking, the first person to complete the registration and payment will automatically eliminate the former spouse from attending unless both parties are able to come to an agreement about who will attend. While we would love to accommodate everyone, we want to be respectful and understanding of people’s circumstances. This policy only affects previous marriages, and does not apply to any other relationships.

Will there be an even ratio of men to women?

We will try to keep the ratio as close as possible. However, this ratio cannot be guaranteed.


Providing your real name and contact information during registration adds another dimension of sincerity and accountability. All profiles are personally screened for authenticity. We evaluate the whole profile looking at all questions answered. A Single Impact may at times call a member at the phone number provided at registration to verify the accuracy of a profile.

Your name, phone number, and e-mail address are never disclosed to other members but may be used to contact you for administrative functions.

Birth month and birth year are maintained so that we reliably know how old you are. This information is not disclosed to other members.

Disclosure of Private Information

Your private information will be disclosed to the proper authorities in the event a warrant is issued in a police or judicial matter. Your private information may be shared with your bank or credit card company only in the event that A Single Impact is contacted regarding a dispute or a suspicious charge. Your private information may be shared with any 3rd party if consent is expressly given by yourself through email communications with A Single Impact.

While we do our best to keep information confidential, as mandated reporters, our team is obligated to disclose information about harm to self or others.

Your Billing Information

When using a credit card, your name and billing address will be required. This information, including your credit card details, are processed through a third party vendor and are not stored on any servers owned by A Single Impact; we do not have access to your credit card information. Our programs and events may require online payment prior to receipt of location information.

Screening Disclaimer

We do not personally vouch for the members of A Single Impact. The onus is on each individual to do their own screening. A human being at A Single Impact reviews the content of each new application. The purpose of this screening is to minimize the occurrence of inappropriate content, fraudsters, and others who do not meet the criteria to join A Single Impact.

However, it is impossible to ensure that all members or content will be appropriate or acceptable to you. We do not conduct background checks and may not personally know all of our members. Interviews are not conducted and references are not required. That being said, our screening procedures are significantly more stringent than most other singles organizations and as a result, you will find a very low incidence of issues with our services. Since we cannot catch everything, we rely on complaints from members to catch what we miss.

Ultimately, each individual is responsible to do their own screening, background checks, or reference checks if they desire. Do not rely on A Single Impact to take on these responsibilities for you. In no case will A Single Impact accept responsibility or liability for any experience you have as a result of using A Single Impact’s services. Use your common sense and take precautions, just as you would if you meet a stranger offline.

Refund policy

Refunds are not issued for registration fees for any reason.

How can I reach A Single Impact?

A Single Impact welcomes any questions, inquiries or concerns you may have. For all concerns, you may reach us through:

ONLINE FORM: https://asingleimpact.com/contact/

BY EMAIL: contact@asingleimpact.com

Updated February 5, 2023