Our seven shadchanim reside in six different locations. They are dedicated to helping A Single Impact singles of all ages and treat each person with dignity and respect.

Serena Kalish is originally from Great Neck, NY. She has lived in Silver Spring, MD, and recently made aliyah to Ramat Bet Shemesh. She is a Pediatric PA, a Lactation Counselor, and mom of 2. Serena attended Stern, MMY, and Shenandoah University for PA school.

She has been setting up shidduchim for 10 years, and was previously a connector on Saw You At Sinai and YU Connects. She has made 2 “successful” matches, and has set up hundreds and hundreds of other dates. Serena also helps guide singles through relationships, and assists with resume editing and proofreading.

Serena Kalish

Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

David Katzoff

Silver Spring, Maryland

David Katzoff resides in Silver Spring with his family and has been passionate about supporting the singles community for several years.

He started the Singles Uniting Network where singles meet and present their friends for potential matches. David’s efforts have resulted in several successful shidduchim.

David primarily sets up Modern Orthodox singles in the 25-50 age group.

Yaakov Lasson, originally from Baltimore and now Detroit, enjoys helping people out in any way possible. Yaakov is a Hospital Chaplain by profession and has Smicha from YU. He has spent time amongst the full gamut of Orthodox/Jewish world and is familiar and comfortable with the nuances of every segment of the community. His intuitive and curious nature enables him to make relevant suggestions for the single men and women he serves.

Yaakov has been helping in the realm of Shidduchim for the past couple of years and aims to be a guiding hand and listening ear throughout the dating process.

Yaakov Lasson

Detroit, Michigan

Shira Priluck

Baltimore, Maryland

Originally from Queens, New York, Mrs. Shira Priluck has been living in Baltimore with her family for nine years.

She enjoys helping others and has recently gotten involved in shidduchim with a focus on singles 28 years and older.

Mrs. Priluck enjoys meeting with singles while fostering a warm and relaxed environment.

Lauren is a licensed social worker, having graduated from University of MD School of Social Work. Professionally she has worked with clients of all ages and all backgrounds, and uses her social work frame when speaking with singles. She is involved in the community and volunteers for a number of local organizations.

She has been facilitating shidduchim for 12 years and is excited to expand her network. She helps guide and coach the singles she works wit througout the dating process.

Lauren lives in Baltimore with her husband and children and is so happy and honored to be working with A Single Impact.

Lauren Schleifer

Baltimore, Maryland

Shayna Shlinger

Lakewood, New Jersey

Shayna Shlinger understands that in today’s day and age, successful Jewish-dating and marriage is often not simple. But not impossible! Having grown up in the small kiruv community of Twin Rivers, NJ and now living in Lakewood, NJ, what sets Shayna apart is that she is not intimidated by unique backgrounds.

She has experience with both traditional introductions as well as finding creative ways to introduce eligible men and women to each other. Shayna’s genuine love and appreciation for everyone that she helps makes a sometimes challenging and stressful process more enjoyable and successful.

Sarah Gitty Weberman has been working for quite a few years in the area of shidduchim. She is originally from Baltimore, MD and currently resides in Monsey, NY with her husband and baby.

Having been in shidduchim for a few years herself, she knows the frustrations that go along with it and was determined to help her single friends when she got married. She has successfully made one shidduch and set up numerous dates.

Sarah Gitty is extremely motivated and passionate to keep helping singles find their bashert and works with all different backgrounds and ages.

Sarah Gitty Weberman

Monsey, New York