Our Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward doing what we can to ensure that singles are thought of as part of the community, as individuals with unique talents to offer, and valuable ideas to share.

Shoshi Glazer

Chief Data Officer

Growing up the daughter of a rabbi and a school principal, it was generally expected that everyone at shul and in the community knew who Shoshi was. Moving to Baltimore with no family connections was a start from scratch and reminder of how challenging it can be in a new place, a new shul, a new community. Setting a goal of a certain number of families to eat with for shabbat helped Shoshi to network and get to know the locals. While it hasn’t resulted in a husband, Shosh has been able to find jobs, apartments, friends, etc. Shoshi’s hope with A Single Impact is that singles will be able to network and enhance their lives with the connections made through us. If we help find your spouse, so much the better!

Having moved 16 times, Shoshi now considers Baltimore home. A paralegal by day, Shoshi enjoys spending free time assisting in the costume gemach, setting up friends, and hosting shabbat meals. Shoshi maintains mentoring relationships with work interns from years past, and offers guidance without judgment to her nephews and niece. She will likely invite you to join in on her next chessed project.

Email me: shosh524@gmail.com

Rivka Schwarzbaum

Director of Operations

Growing up in Miami, Rivka was involved in communal work from a young age. Her parents’ home was always open and filled with weekly Shabbos guests from all walks of life. Observing how her parents were heavily involved in building their community instilled in Rivka that same passion and drive for helping others and taking initiative.

Over the years, Rivka lived in the Midwest and then New York, and always sought to get involved with the Jewish community in both a professional and volunteer capacity. In 2015, Rivka moved to Baltimore, and hoped once again to meet new people and get involved. She found, however, that opportunities, and even Shabbos invitations, were not readily forthcoming. There seemed to be less of an awareness of the single community, which led Rivka to find like-minded singles to work together in addressing a clear need.

Rivka gives her all for things she’s passionate about, is devoted to the people she loves, and is grateful for friends that are like family. Over the years, Rivka has worked providing high level support to executives in both the non-profit and corporate world. She’s always up for a challenge and eager to learn a new skill. She looks forward to contributing her talents to A Single Impact to devise solutions and ensure all community members are valued.

Email me: rrbtree@gmail.com

Rochel Ziman

Executive Director

Having previously been married, and now divorced for 11 years, Rochel brings a different perspective to A Single Impact. Rochel is working to change the way singles are spoken to and about, to ensure that all singles, no matter the age or hashkafa level, are treated with respect and dignity.

Rochel is well known in the Baltimore community for creating opportunities that fill in the gaps not yet met by local organizations. She has spearheaded a grief support group for women who have lost a parent, an all-women’s theater group, and fundraised over $140,000 for a non-profit organization providing support for frum families and individuals dealing with life threatening or lifelong illnesses. Rochel is now using her creative talents to effect positive change for singles in the frum community. She has formed important connections with community leaders so that when a problem arises, she knows just who to reach out to for a solution and support.

A mental health therapist by day, Rochel works with clients on achieving their treatment goals to better their everyday lives. She enjoys kayaking and formulating plans to improve the world.

Email me: frz529@gmail.com

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