New York Shadchanim

5 Towns Shidduch Group718-471-7057; 516-371-2931Brooklyn, Singles under 35
Adjmi, Mrs. Adele516-837-3807
Adler, Mrs. Tzivia973-472-6588
Aeder, Mrs. Lita718-575-2990
Altman, Mrs. Devorah718-853-5272
Aronovitch, Mrs.
Brooklyn; 9-10:30pm
Avtzon, Rabbi
Washington Heights; No charge; most girls she knows re late 20s to 30s; men he knows are same age range
Bacharach, Mrs. 212-928-8833All ages, specializing in Israeli & older couples of all kinds; no charge; made many shidduchim worldwide.
Bader, mrs.
Brooklyn; Deals primarily with BTs; only meets at Shabbos lunch table; no phone interviews
Baitelman, Mrs. Yocheved718-774-6795Brooklyn
Bane, Mrs.
bayer, Mrs.
New Square; 9:30-11am 8:30-10:30pm
Belitsky, Mrs. Tammy718-261-6655Queens; very willing to help, but not full time
Beneich, Mrs. 718-261-8100Queens; best to reach Mondays/Wednesdays
Benjaminson, Rabbi Yerachmielrabbiyb@aol.comCrown Heights
Bennett-Tribuch, Mrs.
Queens; All types of singles – BT, FFB, young and older; Best way to contact- WhatsApp
Bernson, Mrs. Chavi718-805-4513Queens; ONLY meets people at shabbos table; NO phone interviews
Bitman, Mrs. 718-677-3010Brooklyn
Blasberg, Mrs.
Crown Heights; Personal Approach to Intl. Shidduchim
Blonder, Mrs. Surisuriblonder4@gmail.comLakewood; Works in kiruv; mostly BTs 0-50s
Blumner, Mrs. Robynrobynsherri@gmail.comGreat Neck; Part of Great Neck Shidduch Initiative
Bodner, Mrs.
Great Neck; Part of, 845-290-8726
Brafman, Mrs. 718-327-2567Fark Rockaway
Brecher, Mrs. Fcbrecher@gmail.comBrooklyn
Brennen, Mrs. Malkie718-773-7173Crown Heights
Breuer, Mrs. Malka718-851-7638Brooklyn;; Physically or mentally challenged singles. 10am-10pm. Leave Message
Brum, Mrs. Channie718-793-7114; 718-640-6024shadchan on SYAS
Brusowankin, Mrs. Hindy754-368-4877Crown Heights
Bryk, Mrs. Tammy718-217-4649Queens; Knows many people: all kinds & ages; associated with Young Israel
Bryski, Mrs.
Crown Heights; Shidduchim with chabad singles
Buchinger, Rabbi718-387-3772; 718-384-6767Brooklyn; all kinds and ages
Byer, Mrs. Esti845-354-4806Lakewood
Cantor, Mrs. 845-425 3176Monsey
Caplan, Mrs.
Crown Heights
Caro, Mrs.
Ages 20-75
Cherns, Mrs.
845-282-1971; 845-290-8715
Monsey; All types
Coben, Mrs,
Crown Heights; French speakers
Cohen, Mrs. Chaya347-482-6821Crown Heights; Working w/singles under 30 (USA only)
Cohen, Mrs. Yehudis347-300-7729Crown Heights; Machon Chana Women’s Yeshiva
Cutler, Mrs.
Spring Valley; Shidduchim for mentally or physically challenged, Call 8-10:30 pm
David, Mrs. 718-435-2179Brooklyn; deals with all kinds; call 8-10pm; must meet in person
Davis, Mrs. Edna718-377-0921; Brooklyn; Deals primarily with young yeshivish FFBs; but also all kinds in 30-40s
Eichenthal, Mrs. 718-633-4441; 718-633-4440Some BTs; very successful and very busy; keep trying; call for Shabbos
Elefant, Mrs.
Flatbush; Founder of Shul Share and is one of the driving forces behind Adopt A shadchan & volunteers at Ohr Naava
Ely, Mrs. Bassie718-327-3633
Factor, Mrs. Marcia845-406-4564Monsey; Shidduchim for physically or learning disabled, Mon & Thurs 7-9pm
Fasten, Mrs.
Feuer, Mrs. Chanichannif@gmail.comMonsey
Finkelstein, Mrs.
Brooklyn; Shiduchim for high functioning people with special needs
Finson, Mrs. Lynn516-603-9171
Fischer, Mrs. Perry718-436-5109Brooklyn; 8-10 pm, Shidduchim for physically disabled or medical issues, mostly Chassidish or Haimish
Fischer, Mrs. Barbara845-425-2785Monsey; Call 8am 10pm. knows mostly Yeshivish & over 26. all the 21-23 year olds that she knows are female
Flegman, Mrs. Suri516-695-6135Five Towns
Fleisher, Rabbi718-851-1632Brooklyn; Mostly yeshivish Torah Vodass and chasidish types; some Modern Orthodox
Fogel, Mrs.
Crown Heights; General Chabad Shidduchim
Fogel, Mrs. 718-377-4447Brooklyn; Primarily divorced 35-49; but some early 20s
Frankel, Rabbi Ephraim718-471-2206Far Rockaway; Shaar Yoshuv
Friedman, Mrs. Kaylashadchan@gmail.comMonsey; Gateways shadchan
Friedman, Mrs. Goldie917-300-1619Ages 19-40. Text to contact
Friedman, Mrs. Shiffy718-998-2651Brooklyn; Rabbi Lederer’s Yeshiva, mostly learning guys
Friedman, Mrs. pesya718-859-3109Lakewood
Friedman, Mr. Heshie718-853-5455Brooklyn; Primarily semi-yeshivish over 25
Gansburg, Mrs. Leah718-953-2170Crown Heights
Gerlwitz, Mrs. Shani718-471-4784; 917-903-6668
Gluck, Mrs. Yaffa (Wygoda)
Monsey; Text/WhatsApp first to set up time to talk; Works mainly with ages 25-40 but tries to help all
Goldman, Mrs. Shoshana718-983-9187Shidduchim for individuals with mental health & emotional issues
Goldurd, Mrs. Channie718-377-1882; 917-613-1558
Goldwurm, Rebbetzin845-356-8996Monsey; Works with Netzach Yisroel; hard to reach, but keep trying
Gornish, Rebbetzin Shaindee718-375-2340Brooklyn
Gottlieb, Mrs.
718-490-3283; 732-364-6241/6251
Graber, Mrs. 917-608-8322Brooklyn
Granzberg, Mrs. PesyGranzbergprsy@gmail.comBrooklyn; Singles of all ages
Gradman, Mrs. Chaya845-425-2740Monsey; Prefers BTs that have been frum for at east 5 years; men who work & learn at night are ok; ages 20s-30s; singles that she tries to help must trust her judgement
Greenberg, Mrs. Mashie718-778-0118Brooklyn
Greenblatt, Mrs. Chana845-356-7580Monsey; Tries to help all; mostly ages 26-35. member of L’chaim and Monsey Connection shadchan groups; has some Sephardic men, but very few Sephardic ladies for them; has many mid 30s female BTs.
Greenfeld, Mrs.
Monsey; knows mostly Israelis, BTs, and Israeli BTs
Greenwald, Mrs. Shoshana845-425-8833Monsey; Made over 150 shidduchim; very busy; call evenings 7-9pm
Gross, Mrs. Beverly845-352-0373Monsey; Heads up Monsey Connection
Gross, Mr.
NYC; Works with singles of all ages and types. WhatsApp to contact
Grunwald, Mrs. Ruth212-568-1654NY; Until 8:00 pm, Shidduchim for the mentally challenged
Hammer, Mrs. Shaindy516-502-5785Five Towns
Hammer, Mrs. Florence845-352-5784Monsey; only makes singles events
Harlig, Rabbi Mayer718-778-0668Crown Heights
Harris, Rabbi Shlomo917-499-3523Queens; Chofetz Chaim
Heber, Mrs.
Crown Heights
Heber, Mrs. Nechama718-756-9068Crown Heights
Hecht, Mrs. Baila718-493-8826Crown Heights
Hellman, Mrs. Leah718-868-0012Far Rockaway; knows many men, college educated, American, 30-40s, Right wing
Horowitz, Rabbi pinchas718-438-8462
Jacobs, Mrs. Chanachanarivka.Jacobs@gmail.comBrooklyn
Jungreis, Mrs. Yaffa917-940-6806Five Towns
Junik, Mrs. Sara718-756-1650Crown Heights; Shiduchim SOS
kahn, Rebbetzin
Brooklyn; 22-40; BT, MO, Yeshivish; Best way to contact: WhatsApp
Kaplan, Mrs. Chaya845-425-8681Monsey; Works mostly with BTs; linked with computerized network
Kasnett, Rabbi212-213-3100Washington Heights
Katz, Mrs. Bracha718-935-3491; 516-606-2394
Katz, Mrs. Ruth718-549-0008
Katz, Mrs. Sherrie718-338-0357
Keller, Rabbi Yosef347-556-6372Crown Heights; Older singles
Shidduchim for people with various special needs. Contact them for a shidduch application.
Kest, Mrs. Anna917-282-1750
Kinselberg, Mrs. Linda718-698-7456Brooklyn; Works with Mrs. Novick; both know many people, ages 18-25; BTs/FFBs
Kirzner, Mrs. 718-234-9370Brooklyn; only working with FFBs
Klahr, Mrs. 718-471-2119Far Rockaway; runs “Delux Group”
Klatzko, Rabbi310-709-8042Monsey
Klausner. Mrs. Joyce718-338-3385Brooklyn; Mon-Thur 8-10 pm. Shidduchim for the Physically or learning disabled. Must send resume and be willing to meet shadchan in Brooklyn.
Klein, Mrs.
Mesos Dodim- deals with Shidduchim for Chassidim with more minor Medical conditions
Klein, Mrs. Tzivia718-692-1704Boro Park/Flatbush; The better she knows you, the more successful she is
Korolitzky, Mrs. Rochie646-643-7127Crown Heights
Koslowsky, Mrs. Loretta718-891-82359 am-4 pm and 9-11 pm
Kosofsky, Mr.
Hillcrest Shidduch Committee
Krantz, Mrs. Yevette845-362-5957; 845-304-4820
Krauss, Mrs. Lydia718-761-2972Brooklyn
Kurtz, Mrs. Elizabeth516-374-9520
Lamderer, Mrs. Chaya845-352-3711; 845-352-8711Monsey
Langsam, Mrs. Bruchie718-851-5393Call during daytime, Shidduchim for physically or mentally challenged
Lavi, Mrs. Julie718-810-8139kew Garden Hills; Frum sephardic singles , never married 18-40
Lederfeind, Rabbi Eliezer212-613-8234Works with Jewish hearing impaired singles
Leiberman, Mrs. Libby718-645-2298Brooklyn; send her written information; must have references; “shortage of men”
Lipchik, Mrs.
Crown Heights; shiduchim for baalei teshuva
Lipsker, Mrs. Chevi718-771-6861Brooklyn
Lobel, Mrs. 718-436-3962Brooklyn; Requests personal interview; primarily deals with 30s/40s
Lustig, Mrs. Judy718-998-2391
Mandel, Dr. Aaron718-998-5822Brooklyn; Organizes events for singles offers personal coaching or singles; call 9-10p
Mann, Mrs. Esther516-239-1603
Margaretan, rebbetzin Gitty347-534-6728Persian singles
Markovitz, Mrs. Rochel718-698-9380Brooklyn; All kinds; requires photograph
Markowitz, Mrs. Linda718-253-3721Brooklyn; Shidduchim for the physically or learning disabled. Affiliated with the Young Israel of Flatbush Bikur Cholim
Max, Mrs.
Works with all ages. Text is best
Medelowitz, Rabbi845-425-8020Monsey; Ohr Sameach
Meyer, Mrs. 718-382-1901Brooklyn
Miller, Mrs. Abigail917-834-7730Five Towns; charges $ through sheefa
Minzer, Mrs. Bayla718-252-2015; 917-704-2359
Mirocznik, Mrs.
Mitnick, Mrs. Shaindy347-322-0001Brooklyn
Moldaver, Mrs. Bracha347-524-5335Monsey
Montal, Mrs. Mona845-558-7551
Nachmias, Mrs. Rifka718-627-1205Brooklyn