New Jersey Shadchanim

Abraham, Mrs. 908-363-6016Lakewood; All ages; many types: yeshivish, chasidish, BTs, divorced, MO
Avrahami, Mrs. Sandy973-614-0771Passaic
Berkovitz, Mrs. Varda973-472-6588
Biala, Mrs.
Charlap, Mrs.
Charnes, Mrs. Ofar732-367-3919Lakewood
Citron, Mr. Marc609-313-4218
Dvir, Mrs. 201-794-3174All ages, specializing in Israeli & older couples of all kinds; no charge; made many shidduchim worldwide.
Einhorn, Mrs. Aviva848-525-4994Lakewood; shadchan and dating coach
Fishman, Mrs. 908-330-2273Lakewood
Friedman, Mr.
Lakewood; Gateways Shadchan
Goldberg, Mrs. Rivky732-364-0910Lakewood
Goldsmith, Mrs. Dasihhgoldsmith@aol.comShadchan on
Goldsmith, Mrs. Chayathegoldsmiths@optonline.netShadchan on
Gottlieb, Mrs, Dassi732-364-6241Lakewood
Greenberg, Rabbi
Rabbi in Tifferes Bachurim Yeshiva
Greenspan, Rabbi
Lakewood; Aishes Lapidus
Gruman, Mrs. 732-370-0610Lakewood; Works on her own and Kesher
Halon, Mrs.
732-904-7406; 718-687-0609
Heisler, Mrs. 908-363-1724Lakewood; Works in kiruv; mostly BTs 0-50s
Hirschman, Mrs.
Katz, Rabbi
732-942-0594; 732-278-1461
Lakewood; Dedicated to assisting the singles, their parents and everyone in between. Kesher closes the gap between Shadchanim & prospective singles; Provides opportunity to be met by prominent Shadchanim.
kestenbaum, Mrs. Vivian201-816-1066; 201-819-9188Shadchan on
Klein, Mrs.
Kranz, Mrs. 908-363-3921Lakewood: Call 7:30-10:45pm; successful with people who follow her specific guidelines; references must be recent and are checked carefully; her fee goes to tzedakah; mostly yeshivish, chasidish & Young Israel; helps all including BTs, Russians, Sephardim, handicapped; isn’t working with people who mix swim or mix dance.
Krasnee, Mrs. 908-363-8983Lakewood; Mostly 30s, BTs, or previously married
Krupenia, Mrs.
732-367-7739; 847-942-4638
Lakewood; well-known for her insightful dating advice & for being a valuable resource for parents and other shadchanim inquiring about singles in the Lakewood and Chicago communities.
Kuschner, Mrs. Estee732-363-2683Lakewood
Lebovic, Mrs.
973-849-6418; 973-313-2391
Run Likrat Shiduch Matchmaking Service
Leshinsky, Rabbi
Lakewood; Mainstream Yeshivish; Best way to contact: WhatsApp
Lewenstein, Rabbi
732-598-4582; 732-370-9456
Lakewood; has made over 400 successful shidduchim, and recognized throughout the world as someone with common sense, caring, devoted, and someone who commands respect. Has connections in Lakewood, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Monsey, Detroit…
Liebb, Mrs. Tova732-367-7721Lakewood
Malegate, Mrs. Adina973-773-5673
Marsh, Mrs.
Lakewood; working together with Adopt A Shadchan’s alumni program helping set up singles ages 30 and up.
Moskowitz, Mrs. Shoshana732-364-1403Lakewood
Most, Mrs.
Lakewood; Specializing in genetic, fertility, physical and chronic health issues, as well as other non-medical but otherwise sensitive situations. also assists in medical research and has Rabbonim, Specialists & Geneticists willing to help on these issues. All info dealt with in strictly confidential manner; medical info only exchanged with permission of those involved. Database includes USA, Europe and Israel. (best to text)
Mueller, Mr.
Novichenok, Mrs. Lena908-337-3949Passaic; Helps frum religious singles of any age and background who are living in USA, Canada, Former Soviet Union. Speak Russian as well. Contact through WhatsApp.
Perlmuter, Mrs. Shunie973-458-0990Passaic
Pomerantz, Mr. Shuey732-370-7347Lakewood
Rhine, Mrs. Penina & Rabbi
Richter, Mrs. Aidel732-370-4279Lakewood
Rosenbaum, Mrs. Yehudis973-777-5836
Roth, Rabbi
Schachter, Mrs. Marla973-470-9492Passaic
Schternbuch, Mr. Yitzchokystern123@gmail.comLakewood
Schulman, Mrs. lara973-473-5320Passaic
Schwarzblatt, Mr. Moshe908-363-2596Lakewood; Primarily refers callers to others who can help
Sh’nainu Shidduch Group of Edison / Highland Parkshidduchedisonhp@gmail.comEdison / Highland Park – Jewish matchmaking group dedicated to assisting Orthodox Jewish singles find their special someone. All ages welcome.
Shaingarten, Mr. Yitzchak908-363-2613Lakewood; Requires personal interview; knows lots of people
Shulman, Mrs. Lara201-473-5320All ages, kinds; no charge
Singer, mrs. Sarah Bluma732-363-1626Lakewood
Steinberg, Mrs. Shaindel973-779-4738
Sternheim, Rabbi Ari732-364-2450Lakewood; Person #1 (does not want to meet girls but prefers to meet parents and will be more likely to set you up). Person#2 (R’ Sternheim is very willing to talk to a girl on the phone and get her resume btw)
Strickman, Mrs.
Passaic; All ages; Yeshiva guys to bais yaakov girls; Best way to contact- Email
Weingarten, Rabbi
Weissman, Chavi Mrs. 732-364-3167Lakewood
Wolf, Mrs. Nechama Blima973-472-4347Passaic; Known for extra care & sensitivity given to each person. works with alumni program for adopt a shadchan that focuses on ages 30-40s
Yanofsky, Rabbi Eliyahu732-905-8635Lakewood
Zelig, Mrs. Helenbestmom175@gmail.comShadchan on
Zelinger, Mrs. Mirel718-607-2000Lakewood