Chicago Shadchanim

Adler, Mrs.
312-539-0904; 847-679-0496
3555 West Peterson. “Simcha Link”; no charge; hrs: Sun/Tue/Thur mornings; Mon/Wed evenings; supported by Chicago, IL 60659 chesed fund; mail SASE to receive application
Bernath, Mrs.
Chicago Shidduch

Falik, Mrs. Freyda
773-764-5970; 773-203-2015

Glaser, Mr. Pesach773-590-7040all types – BT, FFB, young and older
Homnick, Mrs. Naomi317-847-6234dedicated to the people of the Midwest and happily works with singles of all ages.
Kahn, Mrs.
Works with all types but focuses on Chicago singles. Has made many shidduchim for bT’s and older singles.
Karman, Mrs.
Works with Chicago women and networks with men from all over, but specifically focuses on the Beth Medrash Govoha crowd in Lakewood, NJ.
Levitin, Mrs.
focus is on the “black hat Chareidi” hashkafa and long and short term learning, but works with other types as well.
Shabat, mrs.
Siegal, Mrs.
well-known for dating /relationship advice and various work within the community helping Jewish singles all throughout Chicago.
Turtlebaum, Mrs. 708-675-3335Works with 30+; requires references, photo & application; can only return calls collect; Evanston, IL 60203 organizes shabbatonim; has access to east and west coasts
Wolf, Rabbi
Dir. of Cheder Lubavitch, Rabbi and Educator